Welcome to our Activities section! Here you'll find a variety of fun and educational activities that we've done as part of our homeschooling journey. We believe that hands-on learning and real-world experiences are important for our child's growth and development, and we're excited to share some of our favorite activities with you.

Check out our Practical Life activities for ideas on how to teach your child important life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and self-care. Our Fun Learning section is filled with engaging activities that make learning fun, from science experiments to arts and crafts. In our Extracurricular section, you'll find information about the clubs and groups that our child participates in, as well as tips for starting your own extracurricular activities. Finally, our Field Trips section provides inspiration for educational outings that you can take with your child to explore the world around you.

We hope that this section provides you with ideas and inspiration for your own homeschooling journey. Click on the photos below to explore each section in more detail: