As part of our homeschool program, Kai has been engaged in a variety of activities to support her learning and growth. We are proud of her progress and excited to share her achievements with you.


Swimming was part of our homeschool program, and we taught Kai how to swim twice a week. She learned proper swimming techniques, water safety, and emergency response skills, while strengthening our family bond.

Through swimming, she gained confidence in the water and developed important physical and social skills. 


Boxing is part of our homeschool program to help Kai stay active, build self-confidence, and learn self-defense skills. She participated in boxing lessons once a week and gained physical and personal development benefits such as proper techniques for punching and defensive moves, and improved focus and emotional management skills.


We incorporate learning Qur'an three times a week by attending a local TPQ (Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur'an). She is learning to read Hijaiyah alphabet to study the Qur'an, while also developing her love and understanding of Islam.

Through this activity, our child is building her Islamic knowledge, strengthening her relationship with Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala, and developing her sense of discipline and commitment.

STEAM Online Class

Kai participated in an online STEAM class, where she learned about science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in a fun and interactive way. The online format allowed for flexibility and convenience while still providing high-quality educational content.

Through this activity, our child gained exposure to STEAM concepts and developed her critical thinking and problem-solving skills